Md. Nazrul Islam Khan

Md. Nazrul Islam Khan

Ministry of ICT


Md. Nazrul Islam Khan currently working as Secretary, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology and National Project Director, Access to Information (A2I), Prime Ministers' Office as well. He has been educated on Plant Science & Law; trained as civil servant but aptitude in innovation diffusion. Among his colorful assignment Private Secretary to the Prime Minister, Director General of Primary and Mass Education, Joint Secretary (Secondary), Ministry of Education and Additional Deputy Commissioner of different Divisions.

He is one of the leading innovator and early adopter among senior Civil Servants. Among his many innovation "Multimedia Classroom and teacher led Content Development" made hard to learn topic easier less time consuming at one-tenth cost. Another initiative "Learning and Earning" enhance Bangladesh position among top three freelancer destination within three years helps unemployed turn into self-employed. "Elected Students Council" at the Primary School level first of its kind in Bangladesh aims at inculcating democratic values at the early stage of life with a hope that this will continue up to the end of the life as political being.

He was General Secretary "Swandipon" a literacy movement literate hundreds of thousands of illiterate in Rajshahi District. Has been rewarded with National Award for Primary Education for outstanding contribution in Primary and Mass Education and Care IFFD gold Medal for infrastructure.

He is a frequenter in TV talks. At present he is leading "Digital Bangladesh" initiative. A profound lover of Nature and travel like to promote "Education for Sustainable Development" in future.